Last Refreshed: 7/27/2021 6:35:58 PM
Press release

Wall-to-wall convenience: Albert Heijn testing fresh-foods vending machine

Albert Heijn is testing a unique vending machine that offers a variety of fresh, nutritious meals any time of day. The experimental “meal wall” of fresh foods, available since early July at the brand’s headquarters in Zaandam, allows associates to choose from a range of convenient options that are ready to eat, heat or cook.

Located at the office entrance, the wall features tasty choices such as salads and Allerhande meal boxes that serve two to four persons. Users can select and pay for their meal via a touchscreen terminal, and after payment is approved the specified door opens.

“With more consumers interested in convenience and fresh, healthy options, the ’meal wall’ allows them to buy food whenever they want, even at night when stores are closed,” said Christiaan Vette, a member of a team at Albert Heijn, the Food Rebels, that focuses on developing new concepts.

The wall will be moved to an external location in August for the next phase of piloting and may be extended to other locations later this year if the test is successful.