Last Refreshed: 1/18/2022 1:03:36 PM
Last Refreshed: 1/18/2022 1:03:36 PM

Our Leading Together strategy

Our Leading Together strategy has served us well since 2018 and is still helping us deliver solid results. At the same time, the world around us is changing fast, with consumer sentiment and behavior shifting and competitors evolving quickly to keep up. To make sure our strategic framework stays relevant, this year we simplified, focused and accelerated some areas. The result is the updated framework on this page.

We articulated a new vision that defines the dot on the horizon we are moving towards, which is to create the leading local food shopping experience. We tightened our focus to four key growth drivers that are helping us fulfill our purpose, achieve our vision and prepare our business for tomorrow. 

Technology is integrated into all the growth drivers – it enables everything we do. We have incorporated our business model wheel – through which we save for our customers, drive same-store sales and fund growth – into  our “strengthen operational excellence” growth driver.

Our four growth drivers enabled our brands to respond swiftly to consumers’ evolving needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and supported our leading market share positions across our geographies. While our promises are no longer visible on the framework, they have become an integral part of how we execute our strategy. In other words, they are part of our DNA. Our values remain unchanged – they are core to who we are and how we define our culture.

Our purpose

Our purpose helps us to answer the question: What difference are we going to make? Millions of customers around the world turn to our great local brands for their daily needs – and our brands are well-positioned to make a positive difference in their well-being. People’s wants and needs are diverse, but there are three things we believe they all deserve, and that we can have an impact on.

Our Vision

Our Values

We will continue to improve our working environment with an engaged, inclusive, balanced and healthy workplace for our 410,000 employees. To do this we will rely on our core values: Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, Care and Humor.