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Nutri-Score continues to spread across our European brands with launch at Mega Image

June 2, 2021 - Mega Image is first in Romania to introduce the Nutri-Score nutritional navigation system across all its own brand ranges, as one more way to support customers in making balanced choices for healthy eating. It’s part of Mega Image’s aim to become the number one retailer in the country for healthy choices. The plan is to roll out Nutri-Score on all its own-brand products.

Ahold Delhaize aims to have nutrition navigation systems in all its markets by 2025.  In 2018, Delhaize Belgium was the first Belgian retailer to adopt the Nutri-Score label, and the Maxi, Tempo and Shop & Go stores in Serbia followed in 2020. Albert Heijn has been conducting a series of pilots since 2019 and is looking forward to implementing the system. Our U.S. brands use the Guiding Stars navigation system on their own-brand ranges. Having our Romanian brand make this step is another important milestone in helping customers make informed food decisions.

In Romania, the Nutri-Score has already been calculated for approximately 1,500 Mega Image own brand products, across both local (Gusturi românești, Mega Apetit) and imported (Delhaize, 365 essential and Delicata) brands. For the imported own brands, the label is already included on the front of the packaging, and for the local brands, the Nutri-Score is currently shown on the shelf next to the price label but will gradually be included on packaging. Mega Image also plan to add the Nutri-Score rating online in the future.

Last Refreshed: 6/14/2024 9:11:01 AM
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