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Press release

Hannaford is going greener: take a virtual store tour to find out how

April 17, 2018 – It's virtually certain that Hannaford is getting a little greener. To celebrate Earth Month, including Earth Day on April 22, the brand added its latest achievements to its Sustainability webpage and launched a store tour microsite where users can learn about how Hannaford is making its supermarkets more sustainable.

Did you know 100% of the seafood Hannaford sells comes from sustainable sources? Or that they recycle 78% of waste? Visitors can now read more about these and other key sustainability statistics on the front page of the brand’s Sustainability webpage. In addition, the microsite now offers an interactive store tour, titled Going Green, where users can virtually navigate areas and departments in a store to see what sustainability practices are in place. Examples range from offering well-sourced meat and seafood to using high-efficiency lights and insulated doors on freezers and coolers, as well as promoting reusable shopping bags and ramping up recycling.