We aim to prevent, or minimize, the amount of food that gets thrown away by our stores. We also partner with suppliers and customers to reduce food waste across our value chain. In addition, we work to reduce food insecurity, for example through our donations to hunger relief organizations.

See what our brands have been doing recently to reduce food waste:

Alfa Beta

For more than 20 years, Alfa Beta has donated unsold food from its warehouses to the Greek Food Bank. Yet until recently, logistical challenges prevented the donation of perishable items from stores because there was no means to transport the items to the people who needed them.

In partnership with Boroume, a national hunger relief organization, the Alfa Beta team collaborates with 163 organizations that serve communities where their stores are located. Each day, associates collect food nearing its sell-by date and set it aside in boxes for individual hunger relief agencies. The organizations pick up the boxes and distribute the food to the people they serve.

Since 2013, AB has donated over €3 million in food, which corresponds to more than 1 million meals. The positive impact for communities is clear, such as for one Athens orphanage where the Alfa Beta store donations provide 80% of the food needed. 

Delhaize Belgium

For more than 20 years, Delhaize has donated close-to-expiration-date foods from its warehouses to the Belgian Food Bank. In 2012, the Delhaize team launched their Zero Food Waste program: local charities are invited to collect unsold and close-to-expiration-date foods at the stores.

In Belgium, 108 out of Delhaize’s 129 supermarkets are already participating and in Luxembourg, six out of nine stores participate. More than 110 local charities count on these daily unsold food products to redistribute to people in need.

In 2015, 817 tons were donated, or the equivalent of 1.4 million meals. In 2016, 1,320 tons – or 2.3 million meals! - were already donated in the first half year.

Food lion

Throughout September 2016, the Food Lion Community Relations team worked with hundreds of associates who volunteered their time, energy and enthusiasm to help 37 local food pantries in the brand's 10-state operating area for the annual "Great Pantry Makeover." Twenty-eight of the local agencies received equipment donations, fresh paint to brighten their facilities and other enhancements. The remaining nine pantries received 10,000 meal donations. Food Lion also continues to make great progress on Food Lion Feeds, toward the goal of providing 500 million meals to individuals and families in need by the end of 2020.


On November 10, Hannaford announced the 2016 launch of Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger, a charitable campaign focused on helping feed individuals who do not have access to enough nutritious food. The program is a partnership between the brand and its customers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York to provide food and monetary donations to local pantries and regional food banks.

Last year, Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger generated enough food and cash donations to purchase 679,000 meals for individuals at risk of going hungry in the Northeast.

Ahold USA

In September 2016, for the eight year going, Ahold USA partnered with Unilever helping local families and school children by donating meals to Feeding America. During one week customers could buy Unilever items at the Ahold USA division stores. For each $15 spent on Unilever product the customer saved $5 and $1 was donated. This money helped to provide 1.8 million meals to local food banks to feed people in need.