Company-wide, we serve 50 million customers each day. Our associates welcome and
inspire those customers, and our stores serve as gathering places where our
associates, customers, and neighbors connect and come together to strengthen their

Our brands community connections include programs that help parents and children
build a healthier relationship with wholesome food; financial and food donations; and
community well-being projects. Our stores provide jobs, and make sure the people who
need it most have healthier food options. We strive to be a better neighbor.

Our Focus Areas

Our Better Together strategy framework – and especially our growth driver to invest in
the most local and personal service – gives our great local brands the flexibility to best
serve their customers, associates and communities.

Our overall focus in community connections is to build healthy communities for future
generations. These are communities where everyone thrives, where healthier,
affordable food is commonplace, and where each person feels valued and
connected. There are three clear focus areas:

  1. Promoting Healthier Eating: Our brands encourage healthier eating and help
    create healthier neighborhoods around their stores.
  2. Fighting Hunger: Our brands significantly contribute to reducing both food
    waste and hunger.
  3. Strengthening Communities: Our brands support local economies – around
    our stores and in our supply chains – while providing fresh, affordable products
    on their shelves.

Our Contributions

The brands of Ahold Delhaize have a great legacy of supporting local customer and
supplier communities. There are three types of support that we provide:

  1. Community Giving: Our brands provide financial and non-financial donations to
    hunger relief organizations and charities, as well as additional donations by
    customers to charities directly through programs we offer in our stores.
  2. Community Programs: Our brands partner with local cities, towns, schools,
    food banks and other stakeholders to implement relevant community programs.
  3. Community Building: Our brands source fresh local products from their
    communities locally (and invest in communities in their strategic supply chains).


Our Relationships

Our brands strive to maintain a professional relationship with all of the members of the
community. These relationships contribute to success, and should be based on good
business judgment, mutual trust and fair dealing. Our Code of Ethics lays out the
overarching principles to help us act with integrity with customers, communities and
each other. Those principles apply to all Ahold Delhaize businesses.