Partnering to source sustainably from the Greek seas

Since 2011, Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos, in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greece, fishermen, scientists and relevant authorities, is crafting the first sustainable choices for wild caught and farmed fish from the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to a multi-year Fishery Improvement Project, the Kavala purse seine fleet - targeting sardine and anchovy - is well on its way to achieving the sustainability level of the Marine Stewardship Council standards, and ultimately to certification. In the end, Alfa Beta will be able to provide customers with traceable and sustainable seafood, while supporting the long-term viability of the fish stocks and local fishing economy.

In a second collaboration, with WWF Greece, Nireus Aquaculture S.A. and other stakeholders, Alfa Beta is focusing on more responsible aquaculture choices. Following the standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) - adapted to the requirements of the Mediterranean species - the project aims to reach ASC certification for three farms supplying Alfa Beta with sea bream and sea bass.

This is a great example of how we are driving sustainable fishing and fish-farming methods where we can.