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Last Refreshed: 7/15/2024 11:42:58 PM

Human Rights at Ahold Delhaize

As part of our strategy, Ahold Delhaize and each of its brands share a set of values and ethical principles that support an ethical culture. Those values are the foundation of our commitment to conduct our business the right way, every day. That includes our commitment to respect the human rights of each of the associates, customers, communities and the people who work throughout the supply chains of Ahold Delhaize and its brands. By stepping up, we aim to contribute to a more equitable society that recognizes and respects human rights. You can read more about our commitment to human rights in Ahold Delhaize's Position on Human Rights.

We have embedded our commitment to human rights within our governance and policy framework. In Ahold Delhaize's Human Rights Report, we explain our approach to due diligence. We focus on the salient social impacts – i) child labor, ii) forced labor, iii) community impacts including land rights and access to water, iv) inadequate wages, v) freedom of association and collective bargaining, vi) discrimination (incl. gender inequality), vii) harassment and violence, viii) insufficient access to healthy food, ix) inadequate working time and x) unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. Ahold Delhaize and its local brands have several programs in place to assess and mitigate adverse impacts and track progress. We recognize the importance of remediation and access to remedy, and we commit to address allegations that human rights are not being properly respected. As we continue our journey, we invite you to engage with us on our Roadmap on Human Rights and help us mitigate negative – and drive positive – impact.

The next steps on our Roadmap on Human Rights:

Introducing the Human Rights Report 2024

In July 2024, Ahold Delhaize published its third Human Rights Report. The 2024 Human Rights Report provides an update of the company’s progress over the past two years, including the introduction of updated Standards of Engagement and expansion of the due diligence process to both social and environmental impacts. In addition, the report includes 30 case studies that highlight progress made at Ahold Delhaize and its great local brands. You can find the document on this page, together with the Position on Human Rights and the earlier Human Rights Reports, which explain how Ahold Delhaize previously conducted its global human rights due diligence process and identified its previous salient human rights issues.

Case studies

You can read more about the practical implementation of our commitment to human rights in the case studies on this page, as well as in the many case studies included in the 2024 Human Rights Report.