Stepping up for a healthier lifestyle

In the Netherlands, 1,800 associates from stores, distribution centers and support offices were invited to start a 10-day food challenge. The challenge is organized as part of the “Step Up!’’ program to help participants achieve a healthier life in partnership with the foundation “Voeding Leeft,” which develops inspirational lifestyle programs. 

During the challenge, participants get daily recipes and tips to inspire them to eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, as well as drink more water and tea, while avoiding processed foods and sugar.

This is the third time the food challenge has been organized. In the previous two challenges, the majority of participants reported that they had more energy, better concentration and better sleep at the end.

There is also a Facebook group where participants can get support from food coaches and share their experiences and photos of what they are eating. We look forward to hearing and seeing how they get on.