Material topics

Each year, we perform a materiality assessment, gathering input from associates, customers, investors and other external stakeholders to assess our biggest impacts on society. The outcomes of the materiality assessment inform our decision making on where we aim to make an impact and feed into the Sustainable Retailing strategic framework.

Through our materiality assessment, we ask our stakeholders for feedback on the scale of Ahold Delhaize’s impact on relevant topics and how much these topics influence their decision-making on environmental, social and economic concerns. We use their feedback to determine our material topics. We apply the results of this assessment to help us identify risk drivers within the principal risks facing our organization in the short term, as well as topics that may evolve and present risks to our organization in the future. 

Last year we have done a detailed review of our material topics including interviews, surveys and desktop research. For the 2019 materiality assessment we took last years assessment as a starting point and we used the input from engagements with investors, associates and non-governmental organizations as well as a review of topics covered by the media to update the material topics for Ahold Delhaize. An overview of the current material topics is shown in the matrix below.

More information about our approach towards the most material topics, how we manage them and how each is related to the five growth drivers of our Leading Together strategy and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be found in our annual report.