Small Farmers' project helps Serbian kids learn about healthy eating.

A group of Belgrade kindergarteners, with the support of our Maxi brand in Serbia and lettuce vendor Iceberg Salat Center, recently spent a morning in a lettuce field as part of Small Farmers, a project to help kids learn more about healthy eating and the effort needed to bring vegetables from the garden to the table.

Small Famers was launched this year to educate children and help them to love healthy food and learn where their favorite vegetables come from. The project involves more than 1,200 kids from kindergartens and primary schools throughout Belgrade.

Nikola Papak, Manager of Corporate Communications for Delhaize Serbia, noted that though teaching healthy choices begins at home, "we want to be allies of parents to help teach kids what is good, especially a nutritional diet. Through play, children learn best, and we are grateful to our partner Iceberg Salat Center who helped all of us become together better neighbors."