Personal vision quest weekend for Albert Heijn’s young leaders

When associates have a sense of purpose and understand how they can make a difference for our company, they feel more connected and confident. To guide young team leaders in this soul-searching process, Albert Heijn developed inspirational Summercamps, in collaboration with leadership development consultant @samhoud.             

The first four Albert Heijn Summercamps took place in July 2016 in Biezenmortel. Over the course of two days, more than 600 attendees worked on developing their own, personal vision. They immersed themselves in in-depth theory sessions, inspiring examples, sports activities, creative exercises and discussions. And they asked themselves fundamental questions such as: Why do I exist? What do I stand for? Where am I going? What do I excel in?

Salem Samhoud, founder of @samhoud, explains, “A personal vision consists of four components: your ambitious goal, your core qualities, your higher purpose and your core values. These elements complement and strengthen each other. Creating your own, personal vision helps you define more practical matters including where your ambitions lie and what you’re truly good at, but also more philosophical matters such as what is your purpose and what are your values. People are usually capable of answering these questions in less than 100 words!”

He continues, “A solid, personal vision gives meaning and direction in your life. Because you have defined who you are, what you want and how you want to get there, you can make (even) more conscious choices and live life with confidence.”

Summertime to wintertime

The attendees loved the interactivity and liveliness of the event, and were surprised by some of the insights they gained. In view of this success, Albert Heijn expanded the formula to offer Wintercamps, too.

Whatever time of year, the Summercamps and Wintercamps help our people better understand themselves and their needs, so they can love what they do and drive our competitive advantage. 


One of the participants said: Because of my time with Albert Heijn, I know that I want to be an entrepreneur,” says a Teamleader Sales Ready at Albert Heijn: In five years, I hope to be a supermarket manager; the two days at Summercamp further confirmed that aspiration. I would advise all my colleagues to sign up for Summercamp 2017, even if only to find out what it is you really want.