Connection with the local community

Community resilience is everyone’s responsibility. How do we help our local communities thrive, today and in the future?

Why does it matter?

As individuals, and as a society, we benefit from strong and healthy communities. When communities struggle with economic hardship and food insecurity, food retailers can bring relief.

What we are doing

Our ambition is clear: our brands will help drive a healthier society. This means that our decisions need to benefit both our business and society. We have learned that – as a business – we flourish when our communities are healthy and resilient.

The brands of Ahold Delhaize serve 50 million customers each day. Brand associates welcome and inspire those customers, and stores serve as gathering places where associates, customers, and neighbors connect and come together to strengthen their

Our Better Together strategy – and especially our growth driver to invest in
the most local and personal service – gives our great local brands the flexibility to best
serve their customers, associates and communities. We strive to be a better neighbor and contribute to that promise through investments and partnerships in our local communities. These connections strengthen our business while driving a healthier society.

Our focus

We take a role in building healthy communities for future generations - where people thrive, where healthier, affordable food is commonplace, and where each person feels valued and connected.  

Our focus areas reflect our strengths as food retailers:

  1. Promote Healthier Eating: Our brands encourage the adoption of healthier eating habits in our communities.
  2. Reduce Hunger: Our brands support hunger relief in our communities while reducing food waste.

These priorities align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (SDGs), in particular: (2) Zero Hunger; (3) Good Health and Well-being; and (12) Responsible Consumption and Production.

Strengthening Local Communities

For more than a century, our brands have operated in the hearts of communities around the world. As such, our stores are best positioned to listen to local community needs and contribute valuable resources for community development. In addition to the focus areas mentioned, our great local brands support a variety of local initiatives designed to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve every day.

Our Contributions

The brands of Ahold Delhaize have a great legacy of supporting local customer and
supplier communities. Our brands build community connections through programs that help parents and children build a healthier relationship with wholesome food; through food and financial donations; and through a variety of partnerships with local organizations to support community well-being. Our stores provide jobs, and make sure the people who need it most have healthier food options.

Our Relationships

Our brands strive to maintain a professional relationship with all members of the
community. These relationships contribute to success, and should be based on good
business judgment, mutual trust and fair dealing. Our Code of Ethics lays out the
overarching principles to help us act with integrity with customers, communities and
each other. Those principles apply to all Ahold Delhaize businesses.

Our Framework for Community Connections


Connecting with the local community in practice

Below are some examples of how our brands are supporting the people in our communities.