'Beer train' in Belgium will keep 5,000 trucks a year off the road

Anheuser-Busch InBev used to deliver its Jupiler beer from the brewery in Liège to Delhaize Belgium's depot in Ninove using a fleet of trucks. Since June 13 a "beer train" has been introduced to take over this transport. The benefits will be especially felt on the Brussels main traffic artery. Indeed, fewer trucks on our roads mean less CO₂ emissions and fewer traffic jams.

The uniqueness of this project is also the cooperation among partners from different sectors: AB InBev, Delhaize, Remitrans, Lineas, the Province of East Flanders and the POM East Flanders. Once the project is at its full capacity at least 5,000 trucks can be taken out of the way. After the pilot more partners will be involved

At Delhaize, looking for solutions to reduce pressure on mobility and contribute to a sustainable future is very important. With this project Delhaize has succeeded in eliminating thousands of lorries per year through this unique cooperation with different partners.