Leading Together

Ahold Delhaize is known first and best for our great local brands, with more than 54 million customer visits in our stores and 20 million visitors online each week. The Ahold Delhaize strategy, "Leading Together," provides a framework for success, leveraging both scale and local connections. It guides our decisions and defines shared values and promises, while giving our great local brands the flexibility to best serve their customers, associates and communities.

Leading Together was launched in November 2018 and represents a next phase for Ahold Delhaize following the successful merger of Ahold and Delhaize Group in 2016.

It builds on the strong and efficient platform for growth created with the merger and integration, supported by a solid foundation of shared values and promises to customers, associates and communities.

In an industry that’s undergoing rapid change, fueled by a shift in customer behavior and preferences, we will accelerate on five areas that we believe will make the difference:

  • Omnichannel growth including eCommerce and meal solutions
  • Technology, including artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Healthy and sustainable
  • Portfolio and scale efficiencies
  • Best talent

With 150 years of history our brands can rely on the knowledge and expertise we share to stay in the lead.

Our purpose



Business model

Our business model is a continuous cycle that shows how our brands create value for all our stakeholders. Across Ahold Delhaize, each brand works to save, drive same-store sales and fund growth. By continuously looking for ways to buy better, operate smarter and waste less, we maintain the ability to invest in our evolving customer proposition and offer an omnichannel shopping experience:

Save for our customers:

To jump-start this continuous cycle, we always look for ways to save for our customers. We evaluate every area of our businesses to see where we can do things smarter and better to save money, conserve resources and reduce waste.

Buy better

Our great local brands cultivate long-term partnerships with suppliers, working together to innovate and develop own-brand product ranges. They also achieve savings through buying alliances. In sourcing practices, we aim to always operate in a competitive and fair way.

Operate smarter

Our brands are streamlining operations and implementing new technologies and automation to achieve cost efficiencies.

Waste less

Our local businesses are striving to reduce waste by improving their everyday operations. They do this through initiatives such as next-generation replenishment, re-engineering packaging, reducing plastic waste and driving energy efficiency.

Invest in our customer proposition:

Our brands invest into the local customer proposition to provide a great shopping experience that meets consumers’ changing needs and builds loyalty.

Fresher and healthier

With broad fresh and healthier product assortments, our brands are making healthier eating easy, tasty, affordable and rewarding.

Best own brands

Each brand focuses on building innovative own-brand product ranges to keep differentiating itself and maintain its competitive edge.

Local, personal and convenient

We strive to build stronger relationships with customers – through the service provided by our associates and through personalized offers and convenience, enabled by technology. Our brands tailor the shopping experience to the needs of people in their neighborhoods and sell a wide range of local products.

Dependable value

We want every family to be able to do their weekly shopping with our brands, regardless of their budget, so our local businesses continue to make pricing more competitive.


We work to develop more sustainable practices and provide transparency across the value chain.

Offer an omnichannel experience:

Ahold Delhaize seeks to fund growth in three key channels – supermarkets and smaller stores, eCommerce and meal solutions – so that our brands can be there wherever and however customers shop, providing more of the meals our customers enjoy each day. We are building a portfolio of strong brands that reach #1 or #2 positions in their local markets.

Supermarkets and smaller stores

Supermarkets are our core channel and the main focus of our investments. Our brands work to keep the stores regularly refreshed and remodeled so they remain appealing to customers. In addition, some of our brands operate smaller formats and are continuously developing them to fulfill customers’ growing demand for convenience.


Across our brands, we continue to develop eCommerce solutions, to make shopping more convenient, personal and inspiring. Our great local brands constantly aim to improve the quality of their service, tailor the assortment to meet or exceed customer expectations, and make online shopping available to more people.

Meal solutions

We are continuing our expansion into meal solutions to meet customer demand for easier, fresher and healthier meal options. Our efforts are focused on meal kits, food counters and meals-on-demand.

Our promises

We promise customers, associates and communities that our brands will always strive to be a better place to shop, a better place to work, and a better neighbor – every day. All of our brands share these promises and fulfill them according to what’s best for their local markets.

  • A better place to shop: 

People everywhere are demanding more convenience from the shopping experience.

They expect to be able to shop whenever and however they want, in large stores with wide assortments, small stores for on-the-go, and online shopping for the ultimate convenience of home delivery or pickup. They want the food they buy to be fresh and healthy and expect retailers to help them make the right choices to meet their needs and those of their loved ones.

We promise that we will always work to deliver our customers a better place to shop. We will make shopping easier, fresher and healthier for customers, every day

  • A better place to work: 

As one of the world’s largest retailers, people are at the center of everything we do. Today, maybe more than ever, people want to feel engaged in their work and know that it has a purpose.

We want to foster a healthy and diverse working environment where people can develop both professionally and personally. Our brands are dedicated to being good employers, providing enriching career opportunities and treating associates with appreciation and respect.

Our brands strive to be a better place to work, every day

  • A better neighbor: 

The world around us is changing fast, and as a global retailer, we can have a significant impact on issues important to people in our local communities, such as climate change, health and waste reduction.

It is important to us to be closely connected to our communities – after all, they are home not only to our customers but also to our colleagues. In all our local communities, we promise to become a better neighbor, every day

Our values

We will continue to improve our working environment with an engaged, inclusive, balanced and healthy workplace for our 380,000 employees. To do this we will rely on our core values: Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, Care and Humor.

Ahold Delhaize's values