Last Refreshed: 8/2/2021 11:31:16 AM
Press release

New Albert compact hypermarket format opens

Svitavy – On Wednesday, Albert launched a new compact hypermarket format with the remodel and reopening of its store in Svitavy. Customers can enjoy great prices, a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, and regular fresh fish markets in the new concept store.

“The new concept store and its more efficient operations have brought cost savings which we have in turn invested into the price of our goods. We know that saving money is really important to our customers and we are happy that the remodeled hypermarket will offer attractive prices, and a great shopping experience,” says Zlata Ulrichová, Marketing Director, Ahold.

The store offers a variety of new and innovative offerings for customers. Coffee is available for CZK 5 per cup, with profits going to the Albert Charity Foundation. For the convenience of customers, the store provides free drinking water, diaper changing areas, a playground for children and free wi-fi.

The new hypermarket includes a marketplace where customers can buy high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to the marketplace, the store has three stands with products from local farmers and offer hundreds of new products, bakery, serviced meat sections, cured meats and deli, as well as a self-service section with products for quick and easy cooking. Customers can find a fish market in the store every Thursday and Friday.