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Press release

Holiday figures from Albert Heijn

Over the holidays, more than six million Dutch people will enjoy a dish cooked from Allerhande, Albert Heijn´s in-store magazine of new launches, easy recipes and features.

The Dutch store´s recently launched Allerhande app for iPad has already notched up 48,000 downloads, and it expects to sell a million stollen and gourmet dishes, and tens of thousands of turkeys in the run-up to Christmas. The month of December will also see Albert Heijn give some 30,000 product items to the country’s food banks. The holidays at Albert Heijn: some facts and figures.


This Christmas, over six million Dutch people will enjoy a dish cooked from in-store magazine Allerhande. Albert Heijn reckons its shrimp cocktail, meat roulade and game recipes will be in great demand. The store launched its new Allerhande app for iPad under two weeks ago and has notched up over 48,000 downloads, averaging an impressive 3,800 a day. Particular favorites are the app’s quick recipe finder that unlocks 10,000 recipes and its cookery lessons on how to roast turkey and grill fish. The Allerhande app has quickly made it to the top of the Store’s lifestyle category in the Netherlands, and many customers should go online looking for Christmas culinary inspiration this week: Albert Heijn is expecting to help over a million visitors make up their minds about what to cook for Christmas.

Top Christmas buys

Over a million stollen and gourmet dishes are expected to pass the tills at Albert Heijn this week, and turkey is another top buy with thousands already ordered online and in the shops since yesterday. Blinis, ragout pastry shells, tree decoration ice-cream, cake cutters, meat thermometers and the ‘Golden Books’ tea set for the little ones are extremely popular. Other bestsellers include chocolate for cooking and melting, candied peel, gelatin, vanilla pods, chestnut puree, kids champagne and sugar-coated fan-wafer sandwiches.

Holiday rush

Friday 23 December and Saturday 24 December are expected to be the two busiest days of the year at Albert Heijn, and all stores have extended their opening hours: on Friday, 23 December, from 8.00am to 10.00pm and on Saturday 24 December from 7.00am to 7.00pm.