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Press release

Delhaize launches 'Magical Vegetables' campaign

With research showing that very few Belgian children and young people eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables, Delhaize has launched a creative new marketing campaign to encourage them to eat healthier.

Called "Magical Vegetables," the campaign changes the names and packaging for 12 types of vegetables with a goal to get kids to try them. Carrots, for example, are "orange rockets," peppers become "treasure boxes" and tomatoes are "clown noses" throughout the campaign.

"Vegetables of course contribute to a balanced diet and are the tastemakers of numerous dishes," said Tim Lammens, VP Talent, Organization, Internal Communication and Sustainability. "By presenting vegetables in a fun and creative way, Delhaize wants to encourage children to discover less popular tastes easier and faster.

Delhaize consulted with several schools to make the name selections. Children let their imaginations run free, drawing inspiration from magical stories, fairy tales and stories of trolls and druids

The rationale for the campaign is clear. Only 5% of Belgians eat the daily recommended amount of 550 grams of fruit and vegetables per day – and children and young people score the lowest.

"This is an alarming conclusion. Parents sometimes have to pull out all the stops to let their children eat enough vegetables," Tim said. "With a little magic and imagination, Delhaize wants to help parents make their kids happy for vegetables."