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Brand Story

Ahold Delhaize European brands launch a unified app for customers

Throughout this year, five of Ahold Delhaize’s European brands will launch a unified and modular app to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Albert customers are the first to start using this new app today.

February 13, 2024 – Ahold Delhaize is pleased to share that five of its European brands, digital experience- and IT teams, have spearheaded the delivery of an app convergence project. This strategic initiative has resulted in a unified, modular app framework designed to streamline and enhance the shopping experience for customers at Albert in the Czech Republic; Delhaize in Belgium and Luxembourg; Maxi in Serbia; Mega Image in Romania; and Alfa Beta in Greece.  

The anticipated converged app experience begins today with Albert’s launch, setting the stage for a series of app launches scheduled throughout 2024. 

Customers will notice a more streamlined shopping process, with improved usability and a consistent look and feel. Improved functionalities are based on extensive user research within the shopping journey. These include optimized promotion, product lists and checkout journeys which are designed to offer greater convenience and value. With this modular approach, brands can more easily share functionalities like refer a friend and value propositions – including loyalty programs or fast delivery – with each other. 

Scaling tech capabilities and expertise

For Ahold Delhaize, this initiative represents a significant step in the acceleration of our product and tech ambitions as well as the optimization of collaboration and operational efficiency for our European region. The modular nature of the app framework, developed on ReactNative, enables cross-platform functionality for both iOS and Android devices. These foundations allow for rapid scaling of new features and innovations, reducing design, development time and costs. Additionally, the shared codebase and design system are expected to provide annual savings, contributing to a healthier bottom line. 

Close collaboration across brands and partners

Our five participating brands, the digital experience and IT teams collaborated closely, leveraging their combined expertise in business strategy and tactics, user experience design, software development, and product- and project management. This project is also in collaboration with external partners for design, development and analytics.   

Building a unified suite of digital services

With Albert’s launch today, the primary function of the app is to facilitate online shopping, particularly for bigger weekly shopping purchases. Alongside the new app for online shopping, Albert continues to operate the locally built Muj Albert (“My Albert”) app, dedicated to its loyalty program. As part of its omnichannel roadmap, Albert intends to integrate the two apps into one single customer touchpoint.   

Overall, Ahold Delhaize's app convergence project marks a pivotal advancement in our digital transformation journey. The greenfield approach and modular design provide brands with an app that is more secure, robust and flexible. By harmonizing the digital shopping experience across our brands, we not only enhance customer satisfaction but also set a new standard for retail innovation, driving forward both customer engagement and business growth. We look forward to launching the apps for our other brands, with Maxi and Delhaize coming up!  

Last Refreshed: 7/15/2024 11:17:46 PM