Established: 1919 Stores: 535

Did you know?

Etos stands for ‘Eendracht, Toewijding, Overleg and Samenwerking’ (‘Unity, Devotion, Consultation and Cooperation’)

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Etos own-brand products are also available at our brands in the U.S. and Central and Southeastern Europe.

Store formats

  • Drugstores
  • Online shopping

Market area

  • The Netherlands

    545 stores

Etos has been named the ‘Best Drugstore in the Netherlands’ by customers seven times


Etos offers customers a wide selection of quality health, beauty, body care and baby care products at affordable prices.

Both leading brands and own-brand products are available in Etos stores. Trained staff provide expert, reliable advice. Customers have regularly voted Etos one of the most customer-friendly Dutch companies.

The history of Etos goes back to 1919, when employees of Philips, a Dutch company, created a co-operative of grocers and drugstores. In 1931, Etos was privatized and took on its current name.



Etos BV (Netherlands)

PO Box 3101
1500 HE Zaandam
The Netherlands


+31 (0)75 659 91 11