Last Refreshed: 6/14/2024 10:27:20 AM
Last Refreshed: 6/14/2024 10:27:20 AM

Speak Up! It is up to each of us individually to show Integrity and Courage and do what’s right, every day, by reporting any potential misconduct.

We have the Courage to Speak Up

Ahold Delhaize is committed to conducting its business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and its own policies. We believe in a Speak Up culture where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to share their concerns and issues, ask questions and report any potential misconduct. It is one of our Ethical Principles: We have the courage to Speak Up.

The Ahold Delhaize Global Speak Up Policy provides information about how to Speak Up, the available reporting resources, the reporting process and the safeguards.

We encourage everyone to report any misconduct by contacting a local or global Ethics representative or by using the Speak Up line. Additionally, our associates also have the option to contact their manager, local HR representative, local or global Ethics representative or use the Speak Up line, in case of questions, concerns or if they want to discuss any issues.

Retaliation is prohibited

If you report misconduct in good faith, you are protected from retaliation. If you experience or observe any retaliation against you or against anyone else for reporting misconduct in good faith, please report this via the Speak Up line. A report on retaliation is treated like any other report of misconduct.

Any form of retaliation, including any indirect retaliation or encouraging others to retaliate, is a violation of the Ahold Delhaize Code of Ethics and may result in disciplinary action.

For more information, please see the Global Speak Up Policy and the Ahold Delhaize Code of Ethics