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Key highlights from Albert Heijn’s 2022 sustainability report 

June 2, 2023 – Our great local Dutch brand, Albert Heijn, recently published its 2022 sustainability report. In this report, the supermarket looks back on the steps taken in 2022 to achieve its mission 'Together we make eating better the easy choice. For everyone.’ As part of the sustainability report publication, Albert Heijn also announced two new developments: the move to B Corp certification and an experiment with true pricing. 

The sustainability report, which complies with Global Reporting Initiative Standards, provides an overview of Albert Heijn's achievements last year towards a healthy, social and sustainable society. See some of the key highlights listed below:  

  • The ambition to reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain was tightened from 15% to 45% by 2030 (scope 3) and the vegetarian, vegan and plant-based range was further expanded to over 1,000 products. 
  • In 2022, Albert Heijn sold over 132 million fewer sugar cubes, over 44,000 kilograms less salt and over 270,000 kilograms less saturated fat compared to 2021.  
  • Introduction of dynamic markdowns and AH Overblijvers. AH Overblijvers' are packs filled with products that are approaching their sell-by date, are left over at the end of the day or are being removed from the range. Both initiatives were introduced with the aim of further reducing food waste and giving customers the opportunity to shop at a lower price. 
  • Free plastic bags for fruit and vegetables were discontinued, saving 243,000 kilos of plastic per year.  
  • A total of over €7 million was donated to social organizations.  

Learn more inside Albert Heijn’s full sustainability report

Last Refreshed: 7/15/2024 11:01:28 PM
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