Last Refreshed: 6/24/2024 7:31:43 AM
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Hannaford extends commitment to diversity through introduction of pronouns on associate name tags

Hannaford Supermarkets will further demonstrate its commitment to diversity by making it easier for associates to publicly express their gender identify through the option to add a preferred pronoun to their name tags, email signatures and other collateral.

The initiative, which is being introduced during Pride Month, arose from conversations with both associates and customers and via feedback from an associate engagement survey. The survey’s findings showed that gender identity is an important aspect of one’s lived experience and that recognizing and honoring gender identity is important to creating and nurturing safe and inclusive environments.

“Our world is changing,” said Hannaford Supermarkets President Mike Vail. “More and more, transgender and gender diverse people are having the courage to be themselves and share their identity. They are able to do so, in part, because of the safe spaces in which they live and work and from the support they receive from the people around them. I want Hannaford to be one of those safe spaces, and I am proud of our gender diverse associates and the bravery they demonstrate to live their fullest lives.” 

In addition to providing an outlet for associates to voluntarily express their gender identity, the name tags offer an opportunity for allies to show their support of the LGBTQ+ community. Associates will also have the option to add their veteran status or spoken languages to their name badges. Resources will be available to associates to help them understand more about gender identity and expression. 

Hannaford is offering associates a number of opportunities to celebrate Pride Month this June, including Pride-colored wristbands; Pride-designed cakes; and video selfies speaking to the importance of embracing gender diversity and inclusiveness at work. Hannaford and its partners will also donate more than $75,000 to LGBTQ+ community organizations that support Pride celebrations and initiatives. 

Last Refreshed: 6/24/2024 7:31:43 AM
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