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Press release

Dutch regulator ACM approves acquisition of DEEN by Albert Heijn, Vomar Voordeelmarkt and DekaMarkt

Zaandam, 9 July 2021 - The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has approved the sale of DEEN. Of the 80 DEEN stores, 38 branches go to Albert Heijn, 23 to Vomar Voordeelmarkt and 19 to DekaMarkt. Albert Heijn also takes over the distribution center in Hoorn and the flower center. DekaMarkt takes over the distribution center in Beverwijk and the kitchen facility in Hoorn. The four parties can now complete the transaction together.

Together with DEEN, Vomar Voordeelmarkt and DekaMarkt, Albert Heijn is working out the details of the transaction, after which it can be formally completed in the coming months. The conversion of the relevant DEEN stores will start thereafter.

Marit van Egmond, Brand President of Albert Heijn: “I am pleased that the ACM has approved the transaction today. This is an important step in the process of finalizing the transaction. With the acquisition of 38 DEEN stores, the distribution center in Hoorn and the flower center, Albert Heijn is further fulfilling its ambition to be there for our customers, anytime and anywhere. In the past period I have visited a large number of DEEN stores. Each and every one of them is a beautiful store with enthusiastic associates. I was also impressed by the flower center, which will be a nice addition to our current range. I look forward to giving all our new colleagues and customers a warm welcome at Albert Heijn.”

Leendert van Eck, general manager of DEEN supermarkets: “With the ACM's approval, another milestone has been reached. All preparations for the transition of the DEEN stores are progressing smoothly and in good consultation. I am convinced that we will leave our customers and employees in good hands.”

Aart van Haren, general manager of Vomar Voordeelmarkt: “With today's approval from ACM, we can now continue to work with all parties involved on completing the transaction. The 23 DEEN stores that will be acquired by Vomar will significantly strengthen our position within the existing market area. We are confident to build on the success of these stores later this year together with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable new colleagues.”

Dirk Kat, director of DekaMarkt: “The approval of the ACM is an important moment in the acquisition of the 19 DEEN branches. With these 19 extra stores, DekaMarkt will grow to 100 stores and the formula's clout will be even greater. We are really looking forward to being able to surprise customers with our formula in even more places together with our new colleagues.”

The approval of the ACM follows on the February 16 announcement that Albert Heijn, together with Vomar and DekaMarkt intended to acquire DEEN.

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