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Albert Heijn helps customers shop affordably with more than 1,500 Prijsfavorieten products

August 15, 2022 – Customers can save on groceries by choosing, among other things, the Prijsfavorieten products of Albert Heijn. With more than 1,500 products, customers can purchase all daily groceries from breakfast to dinner and everything for their household at an affordable price. In addition to Prijsfavorieten products, Albert Heijn has even more to offer for price-conscious shopping; there are hundreds of Bonus offers every week and with the Bonus Box and My Albert Heijn Premium, customers receive an even greater discount. This way, customers can save at least 20% on their shopping. 

Several  Prijsfavorieten items have also been recognized with awards in the past year. For example, the AH lemon flavored sparkling mineral water has been voted product of the year and AH dishwasher tablets have been awarded as 'best buy' by the Consumers' Association. 

Inspiration and tips 
To provide customers with inspiration, Allerhande – Albert Heijn’s recipe magazine – shows what recipes can be created with Prijsfavorieten products. The most popular is the broccoli macaroni dish. There are also plenty of tips on about what you can do to save on groceries. In addition, via the app, customers have the option to exchange their selected groceries for a  Prijsfavorieten item. 

Competition prize  
Over the next two weeks, Albert Heijn will pay extra attention to the  Prijsfavorieten products and customers in 750 stores will have a chance to win a shopping cart full of these own-brand products. Customers can win by estimating the value of the contents of the shopping cart. 

Last Refreshed: 3/4/2024 10:44:19 PM
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