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Press release

Ahold Delhaize announces the appointment of Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen as Brand President Super Indo

The Netherlands, Zaandam, 26 April 2023 – Ahold Delhaize today announces that Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen will be appointed Brand President of Super Indo as of June 1, 2023. He will succeed Johan Boeijenga, who stepped down on 31 March. Johan will serve as an advisor to Van Nieuwenhuijzen and Super Indo, to ensure a smooth transition.

Wouter Kolk, CEO Ahold Delhaize Europe and Indonesia: “I am pleased to announce this appointment, as I see Boudewijn as a solid successor to Johan. Boudewijn has been working at Super Indo since last year as VP Operations. Boudewijn is a focused and knowledgeable leader who has proven to be able to make the connection between online and off-line go-to-market strategies, seize opportunities and always focus on the customer. He has a good connection with the team and adds value to the brand with his all-round experience. Under the inspiring advice of Johan, Boudewijn will make a strong start as Brand President.”

Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen started his career at Ahold Delhaize in 2001. He held several roles before moving to Indonesia to work at Super Indo. His last role before Super Indo was as VP Commerce and VP Operations at another great local Ahold Delhaize banner, Dutch drugstore brand Etos. In addition to that, Boudewijn has extensive experience in marketing, retail and e-commerce, having held positions at Unilever, Hema and Boost.

Last Refreshed: 4/20/2024 1:33:21 AM