Annual Report 2023 highlights

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Ahold Delhaize benefits from a global spread of great local brands. These brands serve and understand the unique needs of our local customers and communities. This enables us to have a real impact locally, while benefiting from the economies of scale and efficiencies of a global business.

Our stories

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Collaboration matters

On the road to lower-emission supply chains

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Local innovations

Supporting a seamless omnichannel offering

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Caring matters

Supporting associates through
transformative moments in their lives

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Local incentives

Helping customers make moresustainable purchases

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Learning matters

Supporting education to promote aclimate-positive future

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Local upgrades

Investing in the store experience

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Taking a leap forward
for a greener world

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Getting noticed for our
approach to DE&I

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Enhancing the digital shopping
experience with a new mobile app

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A message from our CEO

Making a difference locally
Frans Muller, President and CEO of Ahold Delhaize

Frans Muller shares a message about how being a family of great local brands enabled us to continue to meet the needs of customers, communities, associates, partners and shareholders during another challenging year.

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Performance highlights

Group highlights
Group performance
United States

A year in review


Jan, Feb, March

Convenient shopping

Hannaford reaches a major e-commerce milestone with more than 90% of the brand’s 185 stores offering Hannaford To Go pickup and delivery.

offering Hannaford To Go pickup and delivery

Loyalty program kudos

Food Lion, Giant Food and Stop & Shop are named in Newsweek's 2023 list of Best Loyalty Programs.

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Transitioning Belgian supermarkets

Delhaize announces the intention to align all its stores under one operating model by transitioning its 128 integrated Belgian supermarkets into independent affiliated Delhaize stores.

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Expanding Better for Nature and Farmer

Albert Heijn welcomes third parties to its Better for Nature and Farmer Program. By making the program and accompanying product label widely accessible, and carried by Milieu Centraal, the brand is actively contributing to a new food system in the Netherlands.

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Inaugural Green Bond

Ahold Delhaize successfully prices its inaugural Green Bond at €500 million. The transaction follows three previous ESG-labelled financings, which together reinforce the continued alignment of our funding strategy to our sustainability strategy and overall ESG ambitions.

inaugural Green Bond


April, May, June

Supply chain changes to support U.S. growth

The ADUSA Supply Chain network converts its largest yet 1.2-million square foot automation-filled distribution center in York, Pennsylvania, into the self-managed network. This is part of its three-year journey to establish an integrated, self-distributed supply chain to support the U.S. brands’ omnichannel growth and brings the total number of network facilities to 22.

1.2m sqft
automation-filled distribution center in York, Pennsylvania
a photo of a warehouse

The GIANT Company turns 100

The GIANT Company kicks off its 100th anniversary with celebrations rooted in its purpose of connecting families for a better future and thanking team members, customers and communities.

100 years
inaugural Green Bond

Helping lead the industry

Frans Muller is appointed co-chair of CGF, where he will work to mobilize even greater progress among members, focusing on key topics such as deforestation, plastics, human rights in the supply chain and net zero emissions.

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Providing budget-friendly options

Halfway through 2023, Ahold Delhaize’s European brands increase their Price Favorites assortment to include a total of 6,500 own-brand products at entry-level prices, with the goal to raise this by 20% in 2024.

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July, Aug, Sept

Plant-based progress

Albert Heijn launches AH Terra, an own-brand product line with around 200 plant-based products.

plant-based products
a photo of a range of plant based products

Outperforming expectations

Food Lion’s remodeled omnichannel stores out perform expectations, and the brand completes 47 more store remodels.

additional store remodels
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Ahold Delhaize achieves an AAA MSCI ESG rating

MSCI ESG Ratings logo with AAA rating badge

Ahold Delhaize announces the intention to join EURELEC

The European retail alliance joint venture is helping tackle prices differences between European markets.


Oct, Nov, Dev

Expanding the Romanian business

Ahold Delhaize announces the acquisition of Profi Rom Food SRL in Romania.

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Supporting communities

In 2023, our brands continue to go above and beyond to serve communities, engaging in volunteer efforts and donating food, products and cash to various organizations. For example, Giant Food sets up free food markets, packs boxes for those in need, and supports families during the holidays. Delhaize Serbia's "Food for All" program reduces waste by distributing surplus food. Food Lion's store remodels include a mobile kitchen supporting low-income diabetes patients.

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Poised for omnichannel growth

During the year, Albert Heijn opens a new fully automated HSC, Mega Image opens its first HSC, bol opens a new logistics center to support distribution of its largest products, and Delhaize Belgium announces it will open a new HSC in 2024.

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Climate Plan update

Ahold Delhaize launches its Climate Plan update.

Divesting FreshDirect

Ahold Delhaize USA enters into an agreement to sell FreshDirect.

fresh direct logo

AD Retail Media

AD Retail Media ranks fifth-best overall U.S. retail media network and second in omni-channel advertising sales.

AD Retail Media logo

Our great local brands

Group Summary

Ahold Delhaize is a family of great local brands serving millions of customers each week in the United States, Europe and Indonesia.



63 million

customers served every week, both in stores and online


great local customer-facing brands2,3


stores serving local communities in Europe and the United States4

1   Excluding our joint venture brands’ associates.
2  Including our joint venture brands.
3  Including FreshDirect.
4  Excluding our joint venture brands’ stores.

United States

The United States is our biggest market. Our brands operate some of the country’s most established, innovative and well-known omnichannel retailers, all along the East Coast.




pick-up points

Our brands
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Our leading brands in Europe serve customers through store formats tailored to their needs, including innovative online businesses. While some have been household names for more than a century, they remain ground-breaking and forward-thinking retailers today.




pick-up points

Our brands
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Joint ventures

Our joint ventures, Super Indo in Indonesia and Pingo Doce in Portugal, are among the leading supermarket brands in their respective countries.

Our brands
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United States
Joint ventures
Group performance
United States
Joint ventures

Our Leading Together strategy

Our Leading Together strategy has provided a solid framework as we continue to evolve our business model to serve customers’ omnichannel shopping journeys and achieve strong results. The core values we share across Ahold Delhaize guide us in our day-to-day work and help us create healthy, engaged and inclusive workplaces reflective of the communities our brands serve.

Our purpose
Our purpose
Eat well.
Save time.
Live better.

The three things everyone deserves from us.

Our purpose
Our values
Our values

We drive change, are open minded, bold and innovative


We do the right thing and earn customers’ trust


Together, we take ownership, collaborate and win


We care for our customers, our colleagues, and our communities


We are humble, down-to-earth, and don’t take ourselves
too seriously

Our vision
Our vision
Create the 
leading local 
food shopping experience.

We stay connected with our customers so we can offer the seamless omnichannel shopping experience that gives them more time to enjoy the moments in life that matter most to them.

Our growth drivers
Our growth drivers
an icon of a person inside a circle surrounded by white cirlces
Drive omnichannel growth

Create seamless digitally enabled experiences with a compelling value proposition across all shopping and meal occasions

an icon of a globe with a heart
Elevate healthy and sustainble

Provide inspiring, healthy and affordable food options for all and achieve our sustainability commitments

an icon of a person inside a circle with 3 stars
Cultivate best talent

Attract, develop and retain the best talent with an engaging associate experience that drives high performance, inclusion and growth

an abstract A icon
Strengthen operational excellence

Save for our customers, leverage scale, and use technology and data to build the future

Our growth drivers

Our company’s four long-term growth drivers are helping us to fufill our purpose, achieve our vision, and prepare our brands and businesses for tomorrow.

Drive omnichannel growth

an icon of a person inside a circle surrounded by white cirlces

Our ambition

Customers engage with our great local brands at many moments throughout their busy lives – we
strive to make this journey as seamless as possible. Through our omnichannel offering, our brands aim to deliver the leading local shopping experience across all our online and offline channels – one that is personalized for each customer and provides the right offers at just the right moment.


2023 net sales from markets where our brands have a #1 or #2 position


2023 net online consumer sales growth (at constant rates)


pick up points by the end of 2023


monthly active mobile app users

Elevate healthy and sustainable

an icon of a globe with a heart

Our ambition

Our “Grounded in Goodness” approach is centered around our belief that what is healthy and sustainable should be accessible and available to all. Our approach has a dual focus on healthier people and a healthier planet, based on the idea that the two are intrinsically linked.

We believe that if we get it right for people, we also usually get it right for the planet. Acting responsibly today is imperative to securing a better tomorrow for generations to come.


of total own-brand food sales from healthy products in 2023


food waste reduction in 2023 compared to our 2016 baseline1


reduction in absolute scope 1 and 2 CO2- equivalent emissions in 2023 compared 
to our 2018 baseline2


reduction in primary virgin plastic in own-brand product packaging compared to our 2021 baseline3

1 The reduction is measured against the restated 2016 baseline: 4.99 t/€ million. See ESG statements.
2 The reduction is measured against the restated 2018 baseline: 4,095 thousand tonnes CO2- equivalent emissions. See ESG statements.
3 The change is shown against the restated 2021 baseline of 163 thousand tonnes.

Cultivate best talent

an icon of a person inside a circle with 3 stars

Our ambition

Our brands, together with our 402 thousand associates, are committed to making a meaningful contribution and positive difference in the communities they serve. Our aim is to help associates thrive while doing this.
We create a caring place to work, inspiring growth and collaboration, where everyone is heard, valued and finds purpose in serving our communities. We are united in our shared values of care, courage, integrity, teamwork and humor, while empowered to do things locally in the best interests of our brands’ customers and


Associate engagement score 2023


Associate growth score1 2023


Inclusive workplace score1 2023

1 New indices for 2023.

Strengthen operational excellence

an abstract A icon

Our ambition

Our group-level commitment to operational excellence is represented by our business wheel. At Ahold Delhaize, we strive to save for our brands’ customers, drive same-store sales and invest to fund growth. Our operational excellence growth driver is focused on making this wheel turn faster and better all the time.


Save for Our Customers savings in 2023


Total cash CapEx as a percentage of net sales in 2023


Number of stores offering self-scanning solutions in 2023

People promise

We create a caring place to work inspiring growth and collaboration, where everyone is heard, valued and finds purpose in serving our communities

a photo of two people interacting in a supermarket



Gender balance

A workforce that is 100% gender balanced at all levels

a photo of two people interacting in a supermarket



Reflective of communities our brand serve

A workforce that is 100% reflective of the communities we serve

a photo of two people interacting in a supermarket




A workforce that is 100% inclusive. Where all voices are heard and valued

This all leads to business growth

The Value Chain

Ahold Delhaize has a proud history of serving local customers, communities and associates with care. Our brands strive to provide healthy and affordable food, so that it’s easier for customers to make healthy choices.

the value chain diagram
Explore our value chain in detail

* In certain brands, we outsource our distribution and warehouse activities, which implies they are upstream instead of own operations.


As part of our strategy to support a healthier planet, and informed by our materiality assessment, we measure and manage our company’s environmental impacts using three pillars: climate, circularity and nature.

For more information on our performance on these environmental
topics, see our ESG statements and Performance review in our Annual Report.

Download our Environmental section
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an illustration of a woman with a child and the child is holding a globe


As we work to build a healthier planet, we also focus on healthier people – in particular, customers and associates.

Our social impact extends beyond the boundaries of our offices, and our brands’ stores and DCs. Our work impacts not only associates but also the customers our brands serve and, more broadly, the communities they operate in. Our great local brands aim to drive positive impact by helping customers and associates make healthy, sustainable choices and working to ensure customers have access to affordable, high-quality nutritious products. Our brands strive to ensure every associate can thrive, and that both associates and customers feel a sense of belonging and community. We also strive to reduce negative impacts, by safeguarding human rights in our brands’ own operations and across our supply chains, and working to prevent store-based violence and other workplace safety-related incidents.

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Our commitment to integrity is foundational to effective governance. We believe that our values and ethical principles should guide everything we do. Having the right governance helps ensure that we take a structured approach to our ESG commitments and is critical to our success.

At Ahold Delhaize, governance is more than our policies, processes and controls. Effective governance depends on having an ethical culture in place, and we work hard to embed that culture in everything we do. Transparency and accountability are guiding principles of our approach to governance.

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