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Press release

Women in Tech: The importance of being part of a tribe

February 5, 2021 - On January 26, Florence Mottay, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Ahold Delhaize, and Angelika Trawinska van Bolhuis, Manager Global Service Delivery IT, spoke together at the ‘Future Tech: Women in Tech 2021’ event. 

Future Tech: Women in Tech is a dedicated platform for female members of the academia, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices. During the day-long event, leading members addressed critical issues and future trends in the field of digital transformation, computer science, and technology.  

Keys to success for women in tech 

Florence talked about being a woman in IT. She believes the three keys to success for a woman in tech are having good role models, being part of an IT tribe, and practicing inclusion. 

Florence: “I grew up thinking that I could have it all: a family and a career. The courage that I witnessed in the women in my family gave me the psychological safety to feel invincible. I was part of a community with role models and all the support I needed. This for me is the first of three elements that are key to being successful as a woman in tech.” 

She proceeded to talk about her lifelong mentor whom she met at the start of her career in tech and who taught her the importance of providing an inspiring platform for success: an IT tribe, where every member has to do their part to promote and achieve maximum inclusion. She also talked about some of the different tribes at Ahold Delhaize including the Women in Tech+ community in the US founded by Lina Mamut and Carly Kraft and supported by Barb Verde, which is a formal BRG, counts over 500 members, and organizes many events to teach tech skills and bring awareness of diversity and inclusion; and the community building Blog of Ioanna Karra that connects people, shares tips & tricks, and publish interviews of female role models within the organization. 

Women in tech at Ahold Delhaize 

Following Florence’s presentation, Angelika talked about being part of the Ahold Delhaize tribe, what it means to her, and how wishes can come true if you connect with the right female role models and feel included. 

Florence is the sponsor of the Ahold Delhaize tribe Global Women in Technology, which was cofounded by Angelika and Hanneke Verloop-Mertens. It is a forum that helps leverage all the wonderful ideas, presentations, events and share them across borders as well as connect with senior leaders from different parts of the organization. 

Florence concluded by saying: “I feel proud of what we have achieved as a global company and of how we are empowering women in tech everywhere we operate.” 

To watch the presentation by Florence and Angelika, please see below.