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Press release

Winners Ahold Delhaize Leadership Awards 2018

May 10, 2018 – Across Ahold Delhaize, effective, inspiring leaders guide the performance of our businesses and local brands. From enhancing customer service to sparking associate engagement and community involvement, they help drive our work and our collective success.  

We celebrated these attributes with the announcement of the five winners of our 2018 Leadership Awards. Congratulations to Artin van Ginkel of Albert Heijn as the Ahold Delhaize Store Manager of the Year, and to the recipients of the four other awards specifically tied to our promises and values: 

  • Better Place to Shop: Loyalty Team, Hannaford 
  • Better Place to Work: Nico Penne, Delhaize Belgium 
  • Better Neighbor: Division Marketing, Super Indo 
  • Living Our Values: Supply Chain, Retail Business Services 

These recipients are role models of what we all aspire to be as leaders throughout Ahold Delhaize. Every day, they fuel strong performance in their businesses with dedication and an unwavering focus on customers, associates, business partners and communities. See pictures of the winners below:

Better Place to Shop 


Better Place to Work 


Better Neighbor 


Living Our Values