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VIDEO: Albert Heijn associates on 8-week expedition in Africa

Albert Heijn, a proud company of Ahold Delhaize

July 19, 2017 – For years, Albert Heijn has imported fruits and vegetables from Africa. But why from so far away? How about the quality and the benefits for the local communities? Four young Albert Heijn associates are going to discover the answers with their own eyes. Erik, Esmee, Sander and Esmee left the Netherlands on July 2 for an eight-week journey to Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa as part of a new video series called “AHFRIKA expedition,” which is available via the brand's social channel Appie Today. Every week the travelers will receive a challenge and battle in two teams against each other.

 Watch the first episode from Ghana below and find out who wins!

The AH Foundation

"AHFRIKA expedition" is sponsored by the AH Foundation. In 2007 Albert Heijn started AH Foundation, together with NGO’s ICCO and Fair Match Support. The AH Foundation invests in housing, medical care, education and financial support projects in Africa. Albert Heijn and its suppliers donate a percentage of the yearly revenue in the Foundation. Besides an excellent line of exotic products the intensive collaboration between Albert Heijn and suppliers also creates new opportunities for local communities.

Learn more about the AH Foundation.



Esmee, Sander, Esmee and Erik