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Press release

Thorbjørn Theie appointed new CEO of ICA Norway

Thorbjørn Theie has been appointed new CEO of ICA Norway and will assume the position by June 2012. He will succeed Antonio Soares, who is retiring.

Since receiving notice of Antonio Soares’ retirement, ICA has searched for a successor. The company has determined that Thorbjørn is the best person to continue to develop ICA Norway.

Thorbjørn will join ICA from Kjøpmannshuset, where he served as CEO. Kjøpmannshuset is responsible for a large portion of the merchant-owned business of Norwegian grocery retailing and wholesaling group Norgesgruppen.

“We are very happy that Thorbjørn has chosen to join ICA. He possesses the right capabilities and experience in retail and knowledge of the Norwegian market that this position demands going forward,” said Kenneth Bengtsson, CEO and President of ICA AB.

“I am thrilled about this challenge, and the chance to use all the experience I’ve gained in 17 years as a leader within Norwegian retail and Norgesgruppen. I am confident that, together with all the skilled retailers and employees who are part of ICA Norway, we will take our competitors by surprise and impress our customers going forward,” said Thorbjørn.