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Press release

The Delhaize Group Fund is launching its fifth call for projects in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

In Tournai, Anama brings inhabitants together in activities based in shared gardens; in Borgerhout, the Madam Fortuna association invites residents to tell a fascinating story linked to their neighbourhood with a view to producing a musical show; in Molenbeek a resident from the Rue Jennart goes to meet her neighbours to prepare the neighbourhood fête together; in Tetange, in Luxemburg, Archipel takes the residents on a photographic mission, thanks to which the older inhabitants will help younger generations to discover the town of Dudelange…

All projects have the same aim: to improve the wellbeing and togetherness of local people in a given area or village. Getting together to meet your neighbours, talk to them, get to know them, be able to help them out and count on them is the objective. This kind of interaction helps build social connections and create a friendly place to live for all inhabitants.

Promoting this social cohesion and thus improving quality of life is the shared thread between the 138 winners whose projects the Delhaize Group Fund has helped to develop in their local communities since 2008.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Delhaize Group Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, is inviting local people and associations to send in an application for the 2012 call for projects.

The call is aimed at all projects led by individuals or associations that bring together locals in a given area or village in all their diversity, so that together and in the long term, they contribute to a better life together. The fund will prioritise projects in which the local people are actively involved and participate.

The applications should be sent to the King Baudouin Foundation before the 14th of May 2012. A jury of independent experts will examine the selected projects and decide on the amount to be awarded (to a maximum of €5,000 per project). The Fund has a total of €150,000 available for chosen projects in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

You will find more information on the procedure to follow and the selection criteria on the King Baudouin Foundation website, The application form can also be downloaded on the website

The Delhaize Group Fund, created within the King Baudouin Foundation, demonstrates Delhaize Group’s willingness to invest socially in the communities where its stores are based and thus improve the collective welfare of residents. Through this project the Group enforces its focus on being a socially responsible company that is concerned about meeting high standards in social, environmental and ethical matters.