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Press release

Success story: celebrates 20th anniversary

April 4, 2019 –, our online brand in the Netherlands and Belgium, marked a big milestone last week with its 20th anniversary. And there have been plenty of key moments along the way: 

1999: starts selling books online and within three years goes from a few hundred customers to 1 million. 

2004: expands its product range and makes it possible to buy electronics online. The brand surpasses 5 million total orders. 

2006: Now with 50 employees, nears 100 million in revenue. Two years later it launches the first data-driven, personalized newsletter in the Netherlands. 

2009: Active in Belgium for about a year, begins partnering with retailers in Belgium to sell their goods. Many more items are added, including diapers  now one of the most popular products. 

2014: The brand reaches 1,000 employees  20 times as many as in 2004. Its top seller in this year is the Chromecast Media Streamer.  

2016: introduces same-day delivery.  

2019: Together with 23,000 partners, now offers 17 million items to 9 million customers 

The brand, with a 50,000-square-meter distribution center in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, and building a similar one right next to it, is also investigating the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-driven shopping. 

View some photos from’s 20th anniversary celebration: