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Press release

Stop & Shop launches new health & wellness initiatives

Purchase, NY ‐ The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC is launching two new health and wellness initiatives this month to address health concerns for all customers and their families. In its ongoing efforts to fight childhood obesity and help kids live healthier lifestyles, Stop & Shop announced that the first issue of its brand new Kid Healthy Ideas, a free health and wellness quarterly magazine, is now available in all stores. The 12‐page, full‐color publication, is geared towards kids ages 8 to 12 and features health‐related educational articles, games and recipes.

“For many families, healthy eating choices begin at the supermarket and with childhood obesity on the rise, it’s an important issue to Stop & Shop,” said Arlene Putterman, Manager of Public and Community Relations of Stop & Shop’s NY Metro Division. “We offer kids a variety of exciting and interactive ways to learn about proper nutrition and health both in our stores and on our website with Stop & Shop’s exclusive Passport to Nutrition program, which provides tips on nutrition and living healthy lifestyles in a fun and interactive way. These are just a few ways we are reaching out to children to encourage them to eat healthy. “

Another important initiative is providing gluten‐free labeling and more products in all Stop & Shop stores.

“Over the past several years, Stop & Shop has received an increasing number of customer requests for gluten‐free products within our stores,” said Suzi Robinson, Manager of Public and Community Relations for Stop & Shop’s New England Division. “To help customers more easily identify gluten‐free products in our stores, we have introduced a new gluten‐free shelf labeling system.” Blue and green gluten‐free labels can be found on the shelf immediately below approximately 3,000 of Stop & Shop’s Own Brand and national brand products to help customers make the correct choices that fit their lifestyle and diet. All identified products are truly gluten‐free based on a commitment from the manufacturer.

Celiac disease continues to rise with an estimated 1 in 133 people in the United States currently being treated and living a gluten‐free diet. For those who have the disease, a genetic, autoimmune disease, the only treatment is a lifelong gluten‐free diet. Gluten is a mixture of proteins called prolimins that are found in wheat, barley, and rye relatives of those grains such a spelt, triticale or kamut. Some common gluten containing foods include bread, pasta, crackers, cookies and beer. However it can also be found in such items as licorice, soy sauce and even some vitamins and medications that use additives, flavorings, fillers and binders made from gluten containing grains.