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Press release

Stop & Shop donates funds, supplies in wake of gas explosions

September 25, 2018 – Northeastern Massachusetts was rocked in mid-September by dozens of explosions and fires caused by gas leaks. Tens of thousands of people in Stop & Shop’s communities were affected – houses caught fire or were damaged by explosions, power outages were widespread and entire neighborhoods had to be evacuated. Stop & Shop associates immediately acted to help communities, first responders and each other showing the strength of their commitment to be a better neighbor. 

All Stop & Shop associates were safe and accounted for after the blasts, but some were displaced from their homes due to mandatory evacuations, and some will have to deal with damage to their homes. Stop & Shop is committing to support affected associates through its Helping Hands Fund and in any other way it can. In addition, two stores – in North Andover and Andover – were required by authorities to be closed temporarily until conditions were safe, though they did not sustain any damage.

When the crisis struck, associates from several of the stores in the area came together and worked as a team to supply first responders and shelters with food, water and supplies. Many associates from the North Andover and Andover stores helped out at other nearby stores that remained open, knowing these locations would be very busy.

In addition, Stop & Shop donated $5,000 to the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund, which was set up to bring humanitarian relief to those affected by the crisis.

“I am so proud of how our associates have risen to the challenge and acted quickly to help their communities – many even as they and their families are being personally affected,” said Brand President Mark McGowan. “Thank you to all of our associates who are epitomizing our values of caring and teamwork.”