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Press release

Sneak peek: Albert Heijn shows off new high-tech DC

November 26, 2018 – A new video from Albert Heijn provides a close-up look at the brand’s first fully automated distribution center in the Netherlands, showing how products flow through the DC from start to finishSet to open in early 2019 in Zaandam, the state-of-the-art facility mechanizes nearly the entire assortment of non-perishable goods and features a high-rise storeroom, smart software, robots and a massive network of conveyor belts. 

The center has 50% more space than Albert Heijn’s existing distribution hub in Zaandam. The building is partially made from recycled materials and is equipped with 6,300 solar panels underscoring Albert Heijn’s commitment to sustainability.  

View the new DC in action (in Dutch with English subtitles):