Last Refreshed: 9/26/2022 12:30:09 AM
Press release

Siri, add bananas to my shopping list!

Albert Heijn  is the first Dutch retailer to make it possible for customers to manage their shopping lists with the help of their trustworthy friend, Siri. As the personal assistant on the iPhone and iPad, Siri works using speech recognition. Albert Heijn customers can now ask Siri to add products to the shopping lists they create in the Albert Heijn “Appie” app. No other Dutch retailer has yet linked Siri with its own branded app.

With Siri’s help, customers can add and remove items and indicate the type, number and amount, or ask Siri to read their lists back to them, all using voice commands. They don’t even need to open the Appie app – they can just press their iPhone or iPad home button to start Siri and access this new functionality. After their lists are complete, customers can use them to shop in the stores or order their groceries for delivery or pickup at a Pick Up Point.

This is yet another way that Albert Heijn continues to innovate and make it easier for customers to grocery shop and eat well. It follows Albert Heijn innovations like the personal grocery list, pioneering delivery within two hours from the moment of ordering and the Allerhande Chatbot – giving customers delicious recipes based on their personal preferences, all in an instant.