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Press release

Peapod champions personalization to meet diverse shopper needs

June 6, 2019Peapod, the online grocery brand of Peapod Digital Labs, is more than just a convenient delivery service that allows U.S. shoppers to check off their grocery list anytime, anywhere – it also helps customers connect to and share their culture through food.

At a recent presentation to the National Hispanic Corporate Council in Columbus, Ohio, Jan Ingraham, Non-Perishable Merchandising Lead for Peapod, detailed how the brand innovates to meet the needs of its diverse shopper base.

Peapod gives customers a personal shopping experience paired with white-glove delivery service. Shoppers can use the brand’s website or app to fill a cart that includes traditional products, ethnic and specialty items, and local favorites, plus a large selection of meal kits. Customers can apply filters to help them navigate to product selections to meet their needs such as dairy free, organic, low sodium and vegan.

“We bring to our customers opportunities that they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to,” Jan said. “We look for unique, relevant items and work with our vendor partners to find those things that makes Peapod personal to our customers.”

To further this goal, Peapod expands product offerings in areas of high diversity. In Chicago, for example, the brand has increased its Spanish- and Latin American-inspired offerings to better serve high populations of Hispanic and Latino people. Peapod also celebrates the heritage of its customers and increases product offerings around cultural holidays such as Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los Muertos.

“The season is not just about the food,” Jan said. “It is about the experience and meeting customer needs and inspiring them to make their holiday the best it can be. Food remains a key ingredient to share cultural pride and heritage, and we’re dedicated to driving engagement with shoppers.”