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Press release

Nutritional guidance: Delhaize introduces Nutri-Score label

August 27, 2018 – Delhaize becomes the first Belgian retailer to introduce the Nutri-Score food label, now providing shoppers with at-a-glance guidance about the nutritional quality of products that included certain own-brand yogurt and cereal. Customers will soon find the Nutri-Score label on all Delhaize own-brand fresh soups, cereals, yogurt and prepared meals.

Nutri-Score is a five-letter and five-color visual that summarizes food nutrition information. It helps customers understand complex nutrient tables more easily to make balanced food choices and quickly compare products. Delhaize’s goal is to provide all own-brand products with the label within two years.

The Nutri-Score system is based on international research. Each color or letter reflects the nutritional makeup of the product, including fiber, protein, calories, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt.

The introduction of Nutri-Score aligns with Delhaize’s ongoing efforts to improve the nutritional quality of its own-brand lineup. Delhaize already reviews more than 1,500 own-brand items each year to lower sugar, fat and salt levels. Federal health minister Maggie De Block is encouraging the introduction of the food labelling system “Nutri-Score” to Belgian supermarkets.

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