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Press release

Mega Image opens innovative new store in central Bucharest

March 12, 2018 – Mega Image opened its newest "concept store" last month in the center of Bucharest, offering a full grocery assortment, gourmet cuisine and a unique shopping experience in a building that is seen as a fusion of historic architecture and modern design.

For the new store at Cobalcescu 45, the building has been transformed, preserving the art deco elements of the exterior façade to recreate Bucharest's atmosphere during the interwar period between World War I and World War II. Modern features have been integrated to highlight the Mega Image brand.

The store is anchored in a popular part of the city and offers a new level of shopping experience with innovative construction and design solutions, including a bright, spacious interior.

“Cobalcescu becomes the most representative concept store in our network, offering shopping inspiration right in the heart of the city, while also having a historic value throughout the building," said Adrian Nicolaescu, VP of Marketing for Mega Image. "It is a unique project that we will further develop to truly become a valuable space for the community, preserving the modernly reinvented historical elements."

The store additionally features Romania's first authentic Neapolitan pizzeria, Pane & Pomodoro, which makes traditional pizza from the late 19th century using high-quality ingredients from the Naples and Campania regions.

"Pane & Pomodoro is located inside the store and will complement the unprecedented shopping experience we want to offer,” Adrian said. "It will turn the store into a perfect leisure location and become a unique culinary experience."