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Press release

Gall & Gall unveils own-brand line

Gall & Gall is launching a complete own-brand line, the Netherlands’ first wine and liquor specialist to do so.

The new line boasts some 40 products - ranging from wine to gin - and will be instantly recognizable for its modern look and feel. Introducing its own brand is one of the steps that Gall & Gall is taking to give its customers more choice in both products and value.

The new range will put a wide choice of affordable wines and liquor within reach of Gall & Gall customers, and kicks off with a variety of products: wine, gin, rum, liqueurs, port, cognac and sparkling wines. Gall & Gall will seek to expand the range over time, the aim being for every branded item to have an own-brand equivalent that combines reliable quality with value for money.

Marit van Egmond, General Manager of Gall & Gall said: "Gall & Gall offers wines and liquors for every occasion, from special wines and whiskies to affordable alcoholic beverages. To make more customers aware that we're also the place to go for good and affordable wines and liquors, we're now introducing this range of own-brand products, in keeping with our earlier '100 wines under 5 euros' promotion. This comprehensive own-brand offering is the next step in our strategy to be this country's most accessible wine and liquor specialist."

The new Gall & Gall own-brand products will come with an eye-catching label in a variety of metallic colors depicting different glasses for different types of drinks. The labels will prominently feature the Gall & Gall brand and the signature of the company's founder: Maria Gall - a signature that has become the symbol of quality that still marks Gall & Gall after 127 years.