Last Refreshed: 7/23/2021 9:44:48 PM
Press release

Gall & Gall offers greater choice and savings on specialty beers

Since the end of May, Gall & Gall has been offering its customers even more specialty beers to choose from. The assortment has been extended considerably, the presentation improved, and a “Pick & Mix” concept introduced, whereby customers can choose six beers for the price of five.

Gall & Gall wants to be customers' accessible alcoholic beverages specialist, and there is a growing demand for specialty beers. To meet that demand, all specialty beers are now available individually by the bottle, and the visibility of the assortment has been improved. Customers also have more to choose from: there are on average 30-40% more specialty beers per store; across the entire assortment, 30 new products have been added.

It is easier for customers to choose their purchases based on flavors, too. Gall & Gall has grouped beers that share the same flavor together according to four types: Blonde, Dubbel / Dark, Tripel and Other Special Beers. This helps customers to find their favorite beer quickly, as well as to find a different beer within the same flavor category more easily.

All these benefits and discounts are making Gall & Gall a better place to shop.