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Press release

From junk food to “junk fruit” at Delhaize

August 21, 2018 – Delhaize is on a mission to get customers to eat more fruit with a new initiative that encourages people to opt for “junk fruit” instead of junk food. Our Belgian brand has been focused on health for more than a decade; Junk Fruit is one of several initiatives by which Delhaize is encouraging a more balanced lifestyle

Fruit is an important source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, but Belgians don’t eat enough of it: only 9% of the population gets the recommended amount of 250 grams of fruit – or two to three pieces – daily. Through its Red Table initiatives, by which the brand solicits input from customers so it can offer solutions to their daily food challenges, Delhaize found out that eating more fruit was a challenge its customers wanted help with.

So, the brand decided to launch a Junk Fruit range of delicious fruit that can be easily eaten on the go. Though customers like the taste of fruit, they find it too hard to eat – unlike vegetables, fruit is often not an integral part of a meal but must be peeled or cut into pieces and eaten separately, and it’s not always easy for customers to find the time. Delhaize selected fruit for the range and prepared it to be as easy as junk food to take along and eat, whether customers are in front of the television, in the car or at their desks. For two weeks starting today, customers will be able to find Junk Fruit snacks in the produce section of every Delhaize store and find promotional pricing on Junk Fruit and other fruit products in the store.

Junk Fruit is just one of the healthy initiatives Delhaize has introduced in recent years, including the successful magic vegetables promotion and the reformulation of products to reduce sugar or salt or increase fiber. Delhaize’s healthy initiatives are focused on making life easier, tastier and more balanced: helping customers to eat better and make a big difference in their lives without requiring them to make drastic lifestyle changes.