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Press release

Delhaize’s new store concept: focused on discoveries, convenience and inspiration

September 21, 2018 – Delhaize yesterday opened the first new concept supermarket based on the brand’s updated positioning. The concept was developed after a thorough analysis of customer needs and leaves behind the classic store design to respond to the ever-evolving expectations of today’s consumer.

"Delhaize is listening more than ever to its customers in order to respond even better to their current needs,” said Delhaize CEO Xavier Piesvaux. “I believe that we have succeeded with this new store, and we will soon launch even more new concepts.”

The reopened and completely renewed store is in Nijvel, Belgium; Delhaize will open nine additional stores with this new concept over the remainder of this year and 36 more in 2019. The brand has committed to invest €200 million each year to renovate its owned and independent stores.

Fresh Atelier makes it easier to eat in a balanced way

A highlight of the new concept is the “Fresh Atelier” that offers ready-to-eat meal solutions freshly prepared on a daily basis, using recipes that contribute to a balanced diet. In line with Delhaize’s commitment to sustainability, both fruit juices and soups of the day will use unsold products from the fruit and vegetables department. The Fresh Atelier is located at the entrance of the store to be convenient to customers who want to get in and out of the store quickly.

The heart of the store is fresh

The “fresh triangle” is the heart of Delhaize's new store concept, and includes the bakery department, fruits and vegetables, prepared meals, sushi, fish, meat, a new concept butcher’s shop, cheese and charcuterie and a vegetarian range of products. The area features low furnishings, so customers can see right into the butcher, sushi and fish departments. Associates in the fresh triangle are very knowledgeable about the products and can answer any questions.

Wider choice of products

The new concept puts more emphasis on the categories where Delhaize wants to be a specialist, including grains, pasta, legumes, wine and alcoholic beverages. Coffee and chocolate are presented together near the wine for the first time. And organic products are in the spotlight, to respond to increasing demand, along with an environmentally friendly bulk department.

Tailor-made shopping route

Customers in the new store can choose a shopping route based on their needs: a shorter route for smaller convenience purchases or an intuitive route for more extensive shopping. The route is laid out in a logical way; for example, heavier products, such as beverages, are at the start so they can be placed at the bottom of the cart while the frozen department is at the end of the route, to keep things as cold as possible.

Digital is key to customers – and the new concept

The new concept store not only offers “Collect,” which enables customers to pick up products they have ordered via, but also the chance to order online while shopping, through five screens positioned within the store. This makes hundreds of additional products available to customers, on top of the 20,000 offered in the store, for pickup the next day or home delivery.