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Press release

Delhaize Group releases 2014 Annual Report

Brussels, Belgium, April 21, 2015 - Delhaize Group is pleased to announce the publication of the interactive Annual Report 2014 which outlines the Group’s accomplishments in 2014 and includes Delhaize Group’s financial statements.

 The Annual Report includes the following sections:   

  • An overview with key figures and an interview with Mats Jansson, Delhaize Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and Frans Muller, Delhaize Group’s President and Chief Executive Officer;
  • A strategy section which outlines the Group’s Strategic Framework and shows how the strategy provides a roadmap for how the Group delivers to customers and other key stakeholders;
  • A performance section which includes a segment overview and an overview of Delhaize Group’s global operations;
  • A corporate governance section, including remuneration report;
  • Financial statements and notes.

“Our Annual Report 2014 highlights our performance and underscores our commitment to deliver on our Purpose: to operate our customers’ preferred local supermarkets and work together to support that ambition.” stated Frans Muller, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Delhaize Group.         

Delhaize Group

Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer present in seven countries on three continents. At the end of 2014, Delhaize Group’s sales network consisted of 3 402 stores. In 2014, Delhaize Group recorded €21.4 billion ($29.4 billion) in revenues and €89 million ($118 million) net profit (Group share). At the end of 2014, Delhaize Group employed approximately 150 000 people. Delhaize Group’s stock is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels (DELB) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEG).