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Press release

Coronavirus update: message from our CEO Frans Muller

Dear colleagues,

With the advent of the coronavirus we are seeing how crucial the role is that our brands, our stores, and every one of you plays in society. It makes me so proud to see how we as an organization are pulling together and are working together to ensure we can serve customers and be there for our communities in these difficult times.

We are seeing excellent leadership in each of our brands and functions to manage this crisis, ensure food availability in the communities we serve and focus on associate and customer health and well-being. We have taken measures at Ahold Delhaize to contribute to halting the spread of the virus: we have restricted travel and in a number of countries have encouraged non-business critical work to be performed from home. In short, we are doing all we can to place all our focus on our most mission-critical activity: the work that’s being done in our stores, distribution and fulfilment centers, and in home delivery. I am touched by the stories I am hearing about associates who look out for each other and pull together as a team to keep our stores open and well stocked.

Across the brands of Ahold Delhaize we serve a critical role in communities, ensuring people continue to be able to get the food and other necessary products they need for themselves and their families. I am proud of this role but am keenly aware of the heavy responsibility this puts on associates’ shoulders in a time like this. On behalf of the entire Executive Committee, I want to say a special thank you to all our frontline associates who are going above and beyond to care for the people in their communities.

We are staying on top of developments from an Ahold Delhaize level. For now – stay safe and thank you for your continued focus on our customers.

Warm regards,

Frans Muller

CEO Ahold Delhaize