Last Refreshed: 7/31/2021 9:54:55 AM
Press release opens temporary virtual store at Rotterdam metro station

Today, opened its temporary virtual “vacation store” at Rotterdam Centraal metro station, in collaboration with the RET (Rotterdam’s public transport company) and Shop2Mobi.

By scanning the QR codes next to images of various summer products using their smartphones, customers can order and pay for items directly. It’s the first time that metro travelers in the Netherlands can shop in this way. Elsewhere in the world, the concept is already a familiar one – with large chains like Tesco, eBay and Nautica offering this extra service.

Following the themed “spring store” earlier this year, the “vacation store” is a new theme for, brought to customers using the power of innovation to create a virtual store at Rotterdam Centraal. On an 18 meter-long wall en route to the metro, train and tram stops, 33 summer products are displayed – from an inflatable swimming pool to nail polish to an e-reader to condoms. Travelers can immediately order the products by scanning their QR codes; using Layar technology – an augmented reality app – more information and interactive content can also be displayed.

Michel Schaeffer, marketing director at, comments: “At the moment that you’re waiting for the metro and have your smartphone to hand, we’re giving you the chance to get everything you need for a great vacation in no time. We want to help our customers prepare for the holidays in a new way.”