Last Refreshed: 7/26/2021 5:06:15 AM
Press release opens new mobile store to give customers access to product range anytime, anywhere

Mobile shopping at nearly doubled since January 2012

Utrecht – The popularity of smartphones is radically changing consumers’ shopping behavior. Since the start of the year, has seen the number of customers shopping by phone nearly double to 7.9% of all visits. The internet store predicts more than 1 million visitors a month will access via their smartphones before the year is out, and it expects this expansion to be fuelled by its new mobile store – open today, with over 5.5 million items for customers to search, find and buy.

The new mobile store offers more product information and search options to help find what customers are looking for. Payment options have been expanded to include iDeal and credit card, alongside the existing giro collection slip. What’s more, the second-hand range has been integrated in the new store’s offerings, and customers can also buy e-books via their smartphones – all of which should make products easier to find and order. aims to implement more store improvements over the next couple of months, thus optimizing the mobile shopping experience.

Mobile networks: A key distribution channel

“Cell phones have become an essential feature of daily life, also for shopping. For a growing number of customers, this is where they browse and order, which is why we are investing in our mobile store,” says Michel Schaeffer, Marketing Director at “Our customers should be able to shop whenever and wherever they want to, and that includes their cell phones.” Besides the rising number of customers finding their way to via cell phones and smartphones, more and more customers are using tablets to access the site. In fact, their numbers have also doubled since the beginning of the year, implying that nearly one in ten customers now reach through their tablets.