Last Refreshed: 8/2/2021 1:03:15 PM
Press release introduces new self-publishing platform

Yesterday, together with Singel Uitgevers (publishing house) made it possible for aspiring writers in the Netherlands to publish, promote and sell their books via a new online self-publishing platform: Brave New Books.

Writers can make their work available in both paperback and e-book formats via as well as via (web) stores nationwide, and can make use of the knowledge and guidance of Singel Uitgevers. It’s expected that writers will add 25,000 book titles to’s assortment over the next three years.

In the Netherlands alone, it’s estimated that one million people have the ambition to write a book. Through Brave New Books, these writers have the opportunity to make their dream come true, and to make their book available in a bookstore that’s regularly used by four million shoppers. Anyone who’s written a book, a set of short stories, poems or a thesis can upload them to the online store in a few simple steps. It’s up to the readers, of course, to denote the book’s level of success.

Singel Uitgevers can recognize writing talent and help to develop it. Professional editors, designers, marketers and well known writers are all available to offer their expertise and experience in publishing, promoting and selling books via Brave New Books.