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Press release helps websites set up their own webstores in a matter of minutes

Specialized websites and product range a perfect fit

Utrecht - Building a website is a first step, but how do you actually make money from it? It´s a question that taxes many website owners. A webstore may have great potential, but it also requires expertise and major investment. is now offering a new store widget that enables website owners to turn their business into a professional webstore with a relevant product range.

By offering webstores to other websites, is looking to serve its customers even better by including niche markets outside its own online premises. The move gives fresh impetus to online shopping, and websites including,, (voted best and most popular website at Telecom 2012) and will soon be opening professional webstores offering products, or have already done so.

Cashing in

As well as offering their visitors more convenience and fun by creating a webstore, specialized website owners stand to earn a percentage of revenues. Michel Schaeffer,’s Marketing Director, explains: “Many website owners excel at developing and posting content, often drawing large numbers of interested visitors but unable to offer them the convenience of a webstore. The new store widget allows them to do just that, even if they lack the expertise needed to build their own webstores. With the widget they won’t even have to deal with complex issues such as inventory management and payment modules.”

Easy to use

A website owner specializing in content for new parents and their babies, for example, could use the widget to tick’s baby range and books and have these show up on their site. The items and products will instantly appear in an environment which the webmaster can design in the site’s own colors, without needing any specific HTML knowhow. Visitors will stay on the website while ordering and will pay through their very own accounts. In addition to niche websites, the free store widget – and its benefits of not having to deal with inventory management, shipping and admin – is also available to, for example, media operators looking to create their own webstores. Those interested will find the store widget via’s partner program, which aims to make’s product range accessible outside its own store in as many ways as possible. previously launched its own affiliate and open API programs.